Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thing 38--Screencasting

I used Screentoaster to create a video that explains to teachers at my school how to use the media wiki that I created for teachers and students. While it wasn't difficult to figure out, I had a number of problems with glitches and, ahem, user error. I think I have finally gotten the bugs worked out, and with any luck it will work. I lost 4 previous versions of the video, some of which were longer and much more substantial, so this represents a mere shadow of its former self. It did not succeed in its upload to YouTube, and unfortunately I have yet to figure out where in Screentoaster I can try to do so again. (If you already have this figured out, drop me a note.) Nothing, however, prepared me for the incredible amounts of time that it took to try to download a zipped version of this to my network, nor for how long it took to try (unsuccessfully) to upload it to YouTube. We're talking over an hour in each case for a video that is only 4 minutes long. Is there some obvious thing I am missing in this process to make it shorter?
Here is the link: Using the TTSP Media Wiki.

I obviously chose to create a screencast of something that I plan to use already, to test it to see if that works reasonably well with my peers. As I work fewer and fewer days due to budget cutbacks, I want to make sure that what I do create gets used. I suspect that this feature is one of the most useful ones for me, given that it will make it easier for me to provide instruction to people when I am not able to work with them one-on-one.

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